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Okay, Soupure souppies.  We know you have been craving a dessert soup. So, ta da!  Here it is.  While it has not made it to our own soup line up (QUITE YET), there is no reason it cannot make it RIGHT NOW to your stomachs.  Now we have covered it all – breakfast soup smoothies, meal soups and now the most delicious dessert chocolate soup you have ever…

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Let’s Start with the Facts:  Salt is Important.

Salt has gotten a bit of a bad rap.  Just as we understand the dangers of consuming too much salt, we also must understand that salt is important.  Too little salt may be harmful.  Salt, or sodium chloride, is beneficial to your health.  Amongst other things, it helps your nerves function properly, your muscles contract and…

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Even though it’s food that’s at the center of our cleanses, your body needs nourishment other than what you’re eating. That’s where sleeping comes in.  Sleep—or rather, quality sleep—is the difference between…

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Why is it that whenever we have the munchies, we head straight to the

pantry or vending machine for chips, cookies, and other processed finger foods? We

think this is because these foods are readily available and satisfy our immediate

cravings for comfort, salt, and/or sweets. Make a commitment to skipping that

vending machine and instead stocking your pantry and fridge with these tasty, on-

the-go, nutritious snacks that won’t make you…

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Some of our customers at Soupure ask us if any of our soups contain soy. They say they want to avoid consuming any soy products. Some of our soups do, in fact, contain soy.  But, before banishing soy from your diet, understand the difference between…

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We, at Soupure, won’t introduce a new flavor of soup until it has passed our very rigorous health and taste tests.  That is why we have not added a new soup since opening our doors in 2014.  But, that has changed because we are proud to say that not 1, not 2, but 3 soups have passed our standards and have been added to our line up…

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We all seem to carry water bottles around these days. In fact, water consumption

is now the second most popular drink consumed by Americans (yippee!) (well, except for

the fact that is falls behind soda). But, my water knowledge was recently shook up when I

read a report that the oft-stated rule of drinking eight glasses a day was perhaps an

overstated guideline, and not really a scientific rule.

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You’ll notice that a few of our recipes call for a decent amount of fat (oh yes, I said it), whether it’s from nuts and seeds or olive oil. But here’s the thing: Fat doesn’t make us fat. It is eating…

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According to an old South American proverb, “good broth will resurrect the dead.” While this is an obvious exaggeration, it speaks to the value placed on this wholesome food, going back through the annals of time, including the days our own grandmothers insisted that we eat chicken soup to cure our colds.  Did our ancestors (and grandmothers) get it right?  We think so. And modern science seems to agree.

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Following up on our previous article, Bone Broths: Nature’s Magic Elixir, where we covered all the amazing benefits of bone broth (see last post), we thought we would show you how to use them as the perfect blank canvas for an almost endless number of broth-based soups.

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